• Submerged Crocodile

    Protruding from the thick Belize rainforest canopy in a remote inland region of Northern Belize, is the High Temple at the Maya archaeological site of Lamanai. Lamanai (Maya for Submerged Crocodile) is one of the largest Maya temple sites in Belize and was one of the longest running Mayan strongholds in the region.
  • Jaguar Territory

    The Maya believed the jaguar facilitated communication between the living and the dead and as well, protected the royal household. One of the main attractions at Lamanai is the “Jaguar Temple” which is adorned with sculpted Jaguar heads on its front. A significant portion of the pyramid’s base remains underground.
  • Wildlife Wonderland

    Belize is a wildlife wonderland and this makes the journey to Lamanai as spectacular as the destination itself. While Lamanai is also accessible by land, the best way to to get there is by boat along the New River. The New River tour is a showcase of spectacular Belizean wildlife featuring plenty of birds, reptiles and monkeys.
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Explore Lamanai


Imagine walking through the courtyard and bedrooms of an ancient royal family and climbing to the top of an ancient temple where human sacrifices may have been performed. These are but only a couple of the many intrigues of a Lamanai Tour.

The Maya temples found deep in the jungles of Belize tell only a partial story of Belize’s incredible and mysterious ancient past. Many Maya ruins and mounds in Belize including many at the site of Lamanai still remain unexcavated. One can only wonder what secrets still remain waiting to be rediscovered there. So far, what we have uncovered suggest that the Maya were a very clever people. Their remarkable achievements in communication, art, architecture, mathematics and astronomy make them one of the most interesting civilizations of the ancient world. Belize is proud to boast a number of historically important pre-Columbian Maya archaeological sites. Lamanai is one such site. We invite you to come and explore this amazing Maya site with our knowledgeable and experienced Belizean tour guides.

Lamanai & New River Tour

New River boat ride to LamanaiThe remoteness of Lamanai makes the journey to this magnificent Maya archaeological site just as spectacular as the destination itself. The fun starts from Belize City where you will board a comfortable air-conditioned bus and drive along the Northern Highway to Tower Hill in the northern district of Orange Walk. You will then transfer to a river boat and travel deeper inland for about 1 hour along the Belize New River until you enter New River Lagoon where your tour guide will point out the tip of the highest temple as it protrudes from the jungle canopy. The boat will then dock and your tour of Lamanai will begin. First stop is the visitor’s center where you may view some educational displays on the site, and pottery, carvings, and small statues, some dating back 2,500 years. Next, you’ll walk along paths leading to the temples and ball court. Along these paths you are likely to see Howler monkeys in the trees above you and an occasional lizard darting across the jungle floor. The tour will last for approximately 1 hour before you gather for lunch at one of the open palapas on the site. Next to the palapa are art shops with handmade carvings, jewelry, and other crafts, along with T-shirts and snacks for sale.